Useful tips for the owners

Following our simple tips you will be highly benefit from the services Holidayinhouse

Detailed description and images
Try to thoroughly to describe your property offering as much details as you can in a way that enables and facilitates renters to pick and view your offer. Most of the customers search the site by several criterions so the more information you include in your description will definetly increase the number of viewers of your property.
Enter a detailed text description (preferably in more than one language) that describes your property uniqueness and its location so to attract the curiosity of the renters.
Posting several images makes the offer more attractive since they allow renters to see and visualize the place.
Customers can choose to search the site by images in case you don’t have any images for your property it will be not viewed by the renters so make sure to add some nice images for your property to attract more viewers.

Update availability
We advice to constantly update the availability of your property, as most of the customers use dates to search the site, so make sure your offer includes the available vacant dates for it to be displayed for customers .
Moreover, anyone who will contact you has to be certain of the availability of the property first

Use Last Minute offers
“ Last Minute” option you will enable you to have the chance to rent your property until the last minute, hence avoiding having periods unoccupied.
Add last minutes option to your offer, and it will be displayed when the renter choose to search only among last minute offers :a double opportunity to rent more !!!

Quick respond
Often delays in answering to an email inquiring for information can be "fatal", so you must indicate an email address that you can often check and to answer as quickly as possible to the requests of renters.
Quick respond is the first demonstration of seriousness and efficiency that we will give to our potential renter.

Avoid the expiry of your membership
Always make sure to renew your membership in the right time. Hence, when membership expires your offer will not be displayed any longer, so if any renter had your offer among his favorites it will not be displayed.

We advice to encourage your renters once returned from their vacation to post there testimonial and comments on holidayinhouse Expressing there views and experience in your property.
Nothing is more persuasive then previous renter’s options.
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