Renting holiday properties directly from the owners

The Advantages Of Staying On A Self Catering Holiday
Self catering holidays have become very popular with holiday makers going on a family holiday.

By choosing the self-catering option helps to keep down the cost of the holiday and allows holiday makers to choose exactly what sort of meals that they want to eat. This allows you to choose one which would not only your needs but your budget as well.

A self catering holiday also allows travellers to customize their holiday or vacation through making their own trip schedule and meal arrangements based on the length of their vacation and their budget. This gives you the opportunity to make travel arrangements that would allow you to enjoy without feeling pressed for time or money.

Self catering holidays are also recommended for travellers who are travelling as large groups because of the lower shared costs and better flexibility for the things that can be done during the trip.

If you are travelling with children who have special needs, a self catering holiday would also be the best choice since it would be possible for you to order meals or arrange meals based on the needs of your family. Most families who go on self catering holidays cook their own food through shopping for fresh and locally grown ingredients and making use of the fully equipped kitchen of their self catering holiday accommodations.

Some useful advices if you decide to opt for a house vacations

• Ask the owner all the information that regard the lodging: its exact location, the supplied equipments, the rent conditions, the last restructure date, etc…
• If you think that it can be useful for a comparison, demand more photos of the lodging
• Not forget to define with the owner what is included and excluded from the rent rate (local expenses, taxes, cleaning, etc), the timetables of arrival and departure
• Print the of the online announcement and to conserve it
• Ask for a lease contract
• For security reasons, we adviced not to carry out payments with the following systems: Western Union or Moneygram.
• Always verify the state of the places at arrival and at departure, if possible with the owner.
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